Paideia Elementary Chess Class K-6

  • Thursdays after school 3-4pm
  • Experienced chess coaches led by head coach IM Carlos Perdomo
  • Beginner or advanced students
  • Chess fundamentals, classic chess, bughouse, blitz, optional tournaments, sportsmanship
  • Snacks provided by volunteer parents immediately after school (before chess)

Chess is a part of school curricula in many countries. This exciting game is used to teach children logic and problem solving. It develops memory, improves concentration and promotes creativity. Chess teaches students to foresee consequences of their actions. Each of our classes includes a lesson with an experienced coach and lots of practice with peers. Paideia students keep returning because chess is not only fun, but challenging. Each game is unique and there is always room for growth.

More information and Registration forms can be found on the Paideia Website in the parent portal under afterschool activities.


There are a number of ways to be involved in chess class. We rely on the generosity of chess parents to provide snacks each Thursday before chess class begins as well as sign out 60+ children at the end of class. Volunteer opportunities are posted on the Elementary Chess site on Paideia's Parent Portal. Parents who want to visit during chess are always welcome. We have a pizza sale and possibly a parent social during the year. If you are able to volunteer your time, we'd greatly appreciate it!